Image of Flowers at The Pamper Haven
Image of Couple in Jacuzzi at The Pamper Haven

Our spa room has a multifunctional spa pool and an infrared sauna which are great for gently easing away tension from a stressful day.

The spa room is available as part of some of our spa packages but can also be added on to any of our treatments or can be booked independently by groups, individuals or families.

Use of the spa room costs £8.50 per person per hour when added to another treatment or package

Or if you simply want to use the spa room to relax £10.00 per person for an hour (robes and towels are not included)

Shower facilities are also available, please bring swimwear and a towel.

* The spa pool is not suitable if you have recently had a spray / fake tan

* Please note that while you will have exclusive use of the spa facilities for your group, pamper haven staff observe use of the area to ensure it is not misused

* People with certain medical conditions may be advised not to use the sauna or spa, if in doubt please check with your doctor / midwife before your visit